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As a casino player, you always want to take part of them the coolest welcome bonuses. The more free spins and the more money the better. However, few bonuses can measure up with free spins without deposit requirements. So let us tell you more about what this means, and list the players that offer these great deals. Hang on!

What are free spins?

Free spins, free spins, free spins, free spins. Dear child has many names. All of these are expressions that are used to describe the bonus that is currently offered by many online casinos. Just as the name suggests, free spins mean that you can play a number of times at a slot machine for free.

What does free spins mean without deposit requirements?

One of the best bonuses you can get as a player is free spins without deposit requirements. Here too, the meaning – given the name – is quite given. In short, this means that you get a number of free spins at a casino, without having to make a deposit.

In order to receive bonuses as a free spin, you usually have to deposit money at the casinos. In exchange for a deposit of SEK 500 you can, for example, get 200 free spins. With free spins without deposit requirements, you do not have to. In other words, you get to enjoy free spins without there being any counter-claims from your side!

Benefits of free spins without deposit

The benefits of this bonus are many. Some of them are very obvious while others are less obvious. First of all, you get the opportunity to play at a casino completely free of charge and without any requirements on your site. It is the greatest benefit.

Because you do not need to make a deposit, you also need to take unnecessary risks. If you do not deposit any money, you also do not risk losing anything. However, it is also an excellent opportunity for you to try out different casinos.

The players in the market offer a variety of games, while they often have different themes. Something that makes it easy to find an online casino that you like a little more than others. I want to make sure that free spins without deposit are perfect if you haven’t found your favorite casino yet.

If you want some tips, the following casinos belong to our absolute favorites – both when it comes to bonuses, gaming experience and theme:

  • Casino Calzone
  • Metal Casino
  • Casino Cruise
  • Sloty
  • Spinit

How do you get free spins without deposit requirements in 2019?

As previously mentioned, the casinos tend to attract new players using welcome bonuses. Thus, this is your greatest chance of taking part in free spins without deposit requirements. Check around among the casinos that you are not registered on and find those that offer a bonus that appeals to you.

How generous the online casinos are with the bonuses varies from player to player. However, it is not unusual for you to get everything from 11, 20, 50, 180, 200, 300 or as much as 400 free spins!

However, this is not the only way you can enjoy free spins. If you like a casino so much that you are prepared to play more on it – that is, make a deposit – you can get further spin. Something called a deposit bonus. For example, you can get the following offer: “make a deposit of SEK 100 and get 25 free spins”.

Today, the majority of the players are very generous. It is not uncommon for them to offer their players ongoing bonuses, which may include spinning. If you play for a while, chances are that you will get further free attempts on your favorite slot!

Casinos offering free spins without the need for deposit

On Freespins Avenue, we are well aware of how wonderful it is to get free spins on their favorite slot – especially if it happens without any requirement for deposit. We have therefore gathered them the best casinos that offer free spins without deposit requirements. Explore them and find your favorite!